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O Do you like to eat with others?

O On what occasions do you eat together with your friends?

O Have you ever had a party in your class? When? What all did you do to arrange a party?

O What did you and your classmates bring to the party?

O What all did you eat?

❆ Who were the people you invited for your party?

❆ Were there some people who work in your school, whom you could not invite? Who were these people?

❆ Did you wear any special dress for the party?

❆ What are the things that you can do to make the party greater fun for everyone? Discuss.

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O Yes, I like to eat with others.

O I eat together with my friends on occasions like my birthday, Diwali, etc.

O Yes, I had a party in my class last year on Christmas. I helped in decorating the classroom and deciding the menu.

O I bought biryani and my friends bought cake, chole bhature, sweets, pizza, fruit custard, biscuits, cold drinks, etc. to the party.

O I ate cake, chole bhature, sweets, pizza and fruit custard.

O We invited the principal of our school, all our teachers and the general staff.

O Yes, there were some people whom we could not invite. These included the teachers who taught the senior students and the librarian.

O No, all students were in the school uniform.

O We can do many things to make a party greater fun for everyone. We can play games, play music and dance.

Disclaimer: This question requires the students to share their own experiences and use their imagination. Keeping these in mind, it is strongly recommended that the students prepare the answers on their own. The answer provided here is just for reference.

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