Q. . Consider the following statements with reference to

Which of the above given statements is/are correct?


1 and 3 only
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2 and 3 only
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1 and 2 only
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1,2 and 3
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The correct option is C
1 and 2 only

Statement 1 is correct: Rights place an obligation upon the state to act in certain kinds of ways. Each right indicates what the state must do as well as what it must not do. Rights not only indicate what the state must do, they also suggest what the state must refrain from doing. Thus it puts a positive obligation on the State to protect and preserve rights so also they have negative connotations to prevent the state from arbitrary action.

Statement 2 is correct: Rights not only place obligations upon the state to act in a certain way — for instance, to ensure sustainable development — but they also place obligations upon each of us
  • Firstly, they compel us to think not just of our own personal needs and interests but to defend some things as being good for all of us
  • Secondly, they require that one respect the rights of others.
  • Thirdly, we must balance our rights when they come into conflict with responsibility.
  • Fourthly, citizens must be vigilant about limitations which may be placed on their rights
Statement 3 is incorrect: Our rights ensure that the authority of the state is exercised without violating the sanctity of individual life and liberty. The state may be the sovereign authority; the laws it makes may be enforced with force, but the sovereign state exists not for its own sake but for the sake of the individual. It's People who matter more and it is their well-being that must be pursued by the government in power. The rulers are accountable for their actions and must not forget that law exists to ensure the good of the people.

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