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Q. You are the Executive Director of an upcoming InfoTech Company which is making a name for itself in the market. Mr. A, who is a star performer, is heading the marketing team. In a short period of one year, he has helped in doubling the revenues as well as creating a high brand equity for the Company so much so that you are thinking of promoting him. However, you have been receiving information from many corners about his attitude towards the female colleagues; particularly his habit of making loose comments on women. In addition, he regularly sends indecent SMS’s to all the team members including his female colleagues.

One day, late in the evening, Mrs. X, who is one of Mr. A’s team members, comes to you visibly disturbed. She complains against the continued misconduct of Mr. A, who has been making undesirable advances towards her and has even tried to touch her inappropriately in his cabin. She tenders her resignation and leaves your office.

  1. What are the options available to you?
  2. Evaluate each of these options and choose the option you would adopt, giving reasons.

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One may be tempted to overlook the matter to protect the company's bottom line. Losing a critical performer may reduce its growth. Mrs. X’s service may not be that indispensable to the company. She has in any case quietly resigned and left.

As a variation on this option, the ED can call Mr. A and strictly admonish him. He may give a final warning to A to mend his ways.

He can tell him to patch up matters somehow with Mrs X. This can be tricky. Once an officer becomes cognizant of a crime, he incurs a legal obligation to take appropriate legal steps. Otherwise, he will become culpable. Mrs X may change her mind, and decide to fight for justice. Then ED will land in a legal imbroglio.

The basic issue involved in this case, apart from the obvious illegality, is moral. By condoning Mr. A conduct, ED will be acting very immorally allowing the criminal to get away and penalizing the victim. He has already failed in his duty by overlooking the misbehaviour of Mr. A

ED should sack Mr A after taking the approval of the MD and board. No one is indispensable in any organisation. He should take back the resignation of Mrs x and reinstate her on old or better terms of service. If he is under obligation to report the matter to any authorities, he should do so. Mrs X should be asked to file a case with the police though this will be her choice.

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Q. You are a young, aspiring and sincere employee in a Government office working as an assistant to the director of your department. Since you have joined recently, you need to learn and progress. Luckily your superior is very kind and ready to train you for your job. He is a very intelligent and well-informed person having knowledge of various departments. In short, you respect your boss and are looking forward to learning a lot from him.

Since you have good tuning with the boss, he started depending on you. One day due to ill health he invited you to his place to finish some urgent work.

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Next day, you were compelled to inquire further in the office and found out that his behaviour is very bad at home with his wife. He also beats up his wife. His wife is not well educated and is a simple woman in comparison to her husband. You see that though your boss is a nice person in the office, he is engaged in domestic violence at home.

In such a situation, you are left with the following options. Analyse each option with its consequences.

a) Just ignore thinking about it because it is their personal matter.

b) Repost the case to the appropriate authority.

c) Your own innovative approach towards the situation.

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