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Renewable resources need to be conserved because

(a) we should not use them faster than they are replenished by nature.
(b) they are slowly disappearing from the earth
(c) if we overuse them nature will stop replacing them.

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(a) we should not use them faster than they are replenished by nature.
Renewable resources are exhaustible and we need to conserve them. We should not use them faster than they are replenished by nature.

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Q. “We have not inherited the world from our forefathers — we have borrowed it from our children.”
Since the second half of the twentieth century, a number of scientists have been warning that the present type, and levels, of development are not sustainable.
Recent evidence suggests that the groundwater is under serious threat of overuse in many parts of the country. About 300 districts have reported a water level decline of over 4 metres during the past 20 years. Nearly one-third of the country is overusing their groundwater reserves. In another 25 years, 60 percent of the country would be doing the same if the present way of using this resource continues. Groundwater overuse is particularly found in the agriculturally prosperous regions of Punjab and Western U.P., hard rock plateau areas of central and south India, some coastal areas and the rapidly growing urban settlements.
Groundwater is an example of renewable resources. These resources are replenished by nature as in the case of crops and plants. However, even these resources may be overused. For example, in the case of groundwater, if we use more than what is being replenished by rain then we would be overusing this resource. Non-renewable resources are those which will get exhausted after a few years of use. We have a fixed stock on earth which cannot be replenished. We do discover new resources that we did not know of earlier. New sources in this way add to the stock. However, over time, even this will get exhausted. For example, at the present rate of extraction the crude oil reserves would last only 50 years more.
Consequences of environmental degradation do not respect national or state boundaries; this issue is no longer region or nation specific. Our future is linked together.

Read the following statements and find the correct option:
I. The present levels and type of development are not sustainable.
II. We should stop all the activities of development to attain sustainable development.
III. The declining groundwater will be a serious problem in the future.

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