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Question 14

Three identical iron bars are kept on a table. Two out of three bars are magnets. In one of the magnet, the North-South poles are marked. How will you find out which of the other two bars is a magnet? Identify the poles of this magnet.

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The magnet with known poles will attract and repel two ends of the unmarked magnet. This way, we will be able to identify the magnet bar and iron bar.

Steps to be followed are:
(i) Take the bar magnet with known poles in your hand.
(ii) Take one of the other two iron bars in another hand.
(iii) Bring one side of the iron bar towards the South pole of the bar magnet and note down whether it is
attracted or repelled.
(iv) Bring another side of the iron bar towards the South pole of the bar magnet and again note down the same
(v) If there is an attraction in both cases (iii) and (iv), then it is definitely a simple iron bar.
(vi) If there is an attraction in one case and repulsion in another case, then it is a bar magnet.
(vii) Do the same for the third iron bar.
To find out the poles:
If in case (iii), the bar is attracted, then it is North pole of the unmarked bar magnet. If the bar is repelled, then it is obviously a South pole of the identified bar magnet.

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