Trace the circumstances that led to the rise of Hitler in Germany.


The circumstances that led to the rise of Hitler in Germany were as follows:
i) Hitler was one of the seven men who met in Manich and founded the National Socialist German Workers party.
ii) Hitler had developed violent political biases against Jews. He associated Judaism with Marxism. During World War I, he served in the Bavarian army. In 1923, he attempted to capture power in Bavaria.
iii) He was arrested for this effort and he wrote a book "Mein Kampf while his time in prison. The book contained his political ideas.
iv) In the presidential election of 1932, the communist party polled about 6,000,000 votes. Alarmed capitalists and property owners tilted towards supported fascism. Hitler exploited this opportunity to gain powers.
v) The Republican government fell since the communists refused to collaborated with the Social Democrats. There upon industrialists, bankers and Junkers prevailed upon president von Hindenburg to designate Hitler as chancellor in 1933.
vi) The Nazi state of Hitler, known as the Third Reich, brought an end to the
parliamentary democracy. Germany was converted into a highly centralized state. All political parties except the Nazi party were declared illegal.
vii) Trade unions were abolished, their leaders arrested. Total state control was extended over the press, the theatre, the cinema, radio and over education.
viii) The Nazi party's propaganda was led by Josef Gobble's, who manipulated public opinion through planned propaganda. The Gestapo or Secret State Police was formed and run by Himmler.


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