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What are 3 environmental issues?

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  1. The term "environment" refers to the total of all living and non-living components and their effects on human existence.
  2. Non-living or abiotic components include water, air, and other resources, while biotic components include all living species.
  3. These three significant hazards to the planet are frequently disregarded.
  4. These challenges must be addressed in order for the Earth to remain sustainable habitat for all species.

3 major environmental issues:

i) Deforestation:

  1. Natural forests function as biodiversity hotspots and carbon sinks, absorbing carbon and keeping it out of the seas and atmosphere.
  2. This untouched wildlife is being destructed daily.
  3. Only around 30% of the land area is covered by forests now, down from 50% before the onset of agricultural methods that resulted in forest degradation through fire or logging.
  4. According to studies, deforestation is responsible for more than 10% of global greenhouse gas emissions.
  5. This activity not only endangers plants and humans, but it also endangers animal species.

ii) Scarcity of water:

  1. Droughts caused by a rise in the population and drastic climate change are making water scarcer by the day.
  2. It is a condition in which there is a scarcity of drinkable water.
  3. Water contamination is the primary cause of the depletion of freshwater supplies.
  4. More than 60% of the water allotted for agricultural purposes is lost, which might be due to the increased use of groundwater through borewells.
  5. Another important reason for water shortage is overpopulation.

iii) Air Pollution:

  1. Carbon is present in larger amounts in the environment and ocean water.
  2. Infrared rays are absorbed and re-emitted by carbon, causing the air, soil, and water to become warmer, which is advantageous.
  3. However, deforestation, fossil fuel combustion, and industrial activity have reduced the amount of carbon in the atmosphere.
  4. As a result, the climate has been severely disrupted.

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