What are the constraints on American hegemony today? Which one of these do you expect to get more important in the future?

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The constraints on American hegemony are as follows:
a. America’s institutional structure- It is believed that the first constraint to the US hegemony comes from the country itself. It is argued that the American political system, which is based on the separation of powers between the three organs, and that a system of check and balances, can regulate and moderate the actions of the country. The American government itself can restrict its own activities.
b. America’s open society- The American political culture is marked by increased awareness of freedom of speech and expression as well as freedom to media, which has contributed in creating a vigilant citizenry. This can impose moral restrictions on the US’s actions.
c. Role of NATO- It is believed that the member states of NATO, like France and Britain, can possibly exercise restraint over the actions of the US, which can pose a check on the growing American power.

The role of NATO is likely to be more important in the future in looking into the nature of the military alliance and its growing importance at the global level, where member states can possibly collectively moderate the action of the US. It would be in the interest of the US to keep that alliance intact and act accordingly. However, we must also not overlook the role of civil society in regulating the acts of the US.

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