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What do you mean by reflection of sound ?

State one condition for the reflection of a sound wave.

Name a device in which reflection of sound wave is used.

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Reflection of Sound

In simple terms, the reflection of sound is actually similar to the reflection of light. Sound abides different laws of reflection, in which the angle of incidence does prove equal to the angle of reflection. In addition, sound rebounds from the surface of either solid or liquid similar to a billiard ball. For successfully experiencing the reflection of sound, it is important that the surface should be polished or rough, and that too of a considerably large size.

The two laws concerned with sound reflection are as follows:

  • The incidence angle will always be equal to the reflection angle.
  • Moreover, the incident sound waves, the normal at incidence point and reflected wave, all rest in a common plane.

In order to make reflection of sound to occur, the surface can be of large size and can be either rough or polished. The angle of reflection is always equal to the angle of incidence . The reflected sound, the incidentsound, and the normal sound belong in the same plane

Stethoscope :Stethoscope is a medical diagnostic instrument based on multiple reflection of sound waves. This is used by doctors for listening to the sounds produced inside the body, particularly in the heart or lungs.

Megaphone : Megaphone is a horn-shaped tube, a large funnel-shaped device for amplifying and directing the voice.

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