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What happened if there was no friction?

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If we do not have friction even for a milli-second, following things will happen -

1. All the knots will open
2. Vehicles in motion will skid; those turning will take a larger turn, those in motion and just on the verge to avoid accident will colloid.
3. Vehicles which are trying to start their motion will be not he able to start for at least one more milli second.
4. Those who are writing, their pens and pencils will slip on that paper.
5. A bullet that is being fired, will travel a longer distance.
6. Power houses will produce some more electricity. The energy lost in friction of generator will not be there.
7. Those who are standing on a slope will loose their balance and can die.
8. Those who are doing rock climbing will slip and can die or hurt themselves.
9. Your shoe lace may open up, causing you to stumble.
10. Any running engine will produce some more energy.
11. Ships will sail faster for a milli second.
12. A ship trying to anchor will fail to do so.
13. You won't be able to start your walk for a milli second. Neither can ball start rolling for that milli second.
14. Flights will be cheaper (or at least flight owners will have more profit margin) because of reduced fuel consumption, due to no air drag.
15. Above point will cause more people to take flights, causing more pollution.
16. Your body cells will have a different mechanism, because they have evolved to either cope up with friction, or to use friction to their advantage. (You would be studying a different biology all together)
17. Semi-conductor industry would have been much more efficient, as electrons would have traveled much faster. (But computers would not have been faster, because the force field (electric potential) will still be same).

Earth would be one hell of a place without friction.

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