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What are some examples from everyday life of heat engines?

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Heat engine

  1. A heat engine is a machine that turns heat into mechanical energy. This is illustrated schematically as follow
  2. It receives heat from a reservoir, does labor like raising weights and moving a piston, and then releases heat energy into the sink.
  3. The heat engine's objective is to transform heat energy into meaningful work.
  4. One of the most basic types of a heat engines is the Carnot engine.
  5. There are two types of heat engines:
    5.1 External combustion engine: A steam engine is an example of an external combustion engine.
    5.2 Internal combustion engine: A car engine is an example of an internal combustion engine.
  6. A heat engine is a device that transforms the chemical energy of fuel into heat energy. This heat energy is put to good use in the form of mechanical work.
  7. A basic heat engine consists of a chamber with a piston that confines gas in a cylinder. When the gas is heated, the piston moves upwards, and when the gas cools, the piston moves lower.
  8. To move the piston backward and forwards, a cooling and heating cycle is required.
  9. Here are a few examples of heat engines that we utilize in our daily lives:
    9.1 A steam engine is a heat engine that works with steam as a working fluid.
    9.2 A variety of transport gadgets are powered by steam engines.
    9.3 Compression-ignition engines use the heat of compression to start the ignition process and burn the fuel.
    9.4These engines are used in larger transport applications such as trucks and buses.

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