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What was the amount spent by Helen?

Rs. 1193
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Rs. 1340
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Rs. 2234
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Rs. 2517
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The correct option is B Rs. 1340
From the given information it is clear that four numbers which must have been the values of money spent would be: 2517 (Clue 4), 2234 (Clue 1), 1340 (Clue 2) and 1193 (Clue 1 again).
We need to work out the fifth value.
Also, since Chellamma spent the least and Garima the maximum and since one woman spent Rs. 1378 more than
Chellamma, a little bit of introspection will give you the following possibilities for the five numbers:
Possibility 1: If 1193 is the least value
The five numbers are:
1193, 1340, 2234, 2517 and 2571 (since 2571 = 1193 + 1378).
Possibility 2: If 2517 is the maximum value, the live numbers are: 1139 (since 1139 = 2517 - 1378), 1193, 1340, 2234 and 2517. Accordingly, we have the following possible arrangements for the five women and the amount they spent:
Possibility 1Possibility 2A(x 2517)2234 C(least)1193 D(x 1340)2517 H1340 G (Max)2571
Note: The thought structure for placing the 5 values with 5 women in the case of possibility 1, goes as follows:
Step 1:

After placing the least and maximum.
Step 2: 2234 should be before 1193 and Dhenuka cannot have spent Rs. 1340.

A close look at the above table shows that clue 5 (H > D) is not obeyed by this arrangement. Hence, this solution is wrong.
We thus move into possibility 2, i.e.:
1139, 1193, 1340, 2234, 2517, are the five values. The thought structure for placing the five numbers for the five women goes as:
Step 1: Place the maximum and least values for G and C respectively.

This leaves us with 1340, 1193 and 2234 to place.
Step 2: We need to keep 2 constraints in mind while doing this.
(a) 2234 has to come before 1193 (remember mediately before).
At the same time H > D. (Clue 5)
We can arrange 2234 before 1193 in 3 ways as shown below
and then 1340 automatically falls into the vacant space.

Hence, the only possible arrangement is as in (1) above.
Hence the answers are:
Rs. 1340

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