With an help of an activity demonstrate that particles of matter are continuously moving


There are several examples and activities that show particles of matter are continuously moving. Few of them are:

1. Put a small crystal of potassium permanganate in water in a transparent glass, you will see that the purple thread like structures start mixing with water and after some time all water becomes purple. The thread like structures is the particles of potassium permanganate, which start mixing with water because of the motion of particles of water. Because of continuous motion, all particles start colliding and finally potassium permanganate is mixed with water.

2. Place a bottle containing concentrated aqueous solution of ammonia in a corner of the room. Remove the stopper.

It is observed that ammoniacal smell can be sensed sitting at a distance.

It demonstrates that the particles of ammonia are moving. Due to this motion they are able to reach the observer.

Similarly, if an incense stick is lighted and placed in one comer of a room, its pleasant smell spreads in the whole room quickly. It demonstrates that the particles of matter possess motion. A burning incense stick produces some gases (vapour) having pleasant smell. The particles of these gases due to motion spread in the entire room and their presence can be felt by sensing the smell.

3. To demonstrate motion of particles in water and ink:

1. Take a 250 cm3 beaker and add about 100 cm3 of water to it.

2. Put a drop of blue ink to the water taken in the beaker. 

It is observed that the blue ink gets evenly distributed in the water.

This demonstrates that the particles of water and ink possess motion.

Due to motion of the particles, the particles of the two liquids are able to mix with each other.


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