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Write a composition (350400 words)
Write an original short story that begins with the words. It wasn't going to be easy she knew.... but somehow she had to confront him. She took a deep breath, and walked into the room.

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It wasn’t going to be easy she knew….but somehow she had to confront him. She took a deep breath and walked into the room.

She came across a dark corridor and then the room started as the light came. He was sitting right in the front reading newspaper. His back was towards her. She was nervous as she knew why she was called. She also hesitated but somehow she broke the lump in her throat and called for him.


He turned towards her and kept the newspaper aside. He was wearing spectacles, which he suddenly took and put them on the table. His eyes were somewhat bulging out as though they were supported by the spring and could anytime come out.

He asked her about her school report card. She kept looking down as she did not have the courage to see him into his eyes. He waited for her response but when there was no answer, he lost his calm and shouted with anger. His eyes got filled with blood and he pushed the chair violently. It made the poor girl rattle with fear. Shiveringly she dropped her report card on the floor. All the blood vanished from her face making her look completely pale.

Her father picked up the report card. As he opened it, he saw that his daughter scored all the marks in ninety’s. A smile came upon his angry face. His eyes turn towards his daughter who was still trembling with fear. He went towards her and hugged her.

She was aghast at her father’s behaviour. Although out of words she felt the love of her father for her. This was all that she ever desired after the death of her mother.

Actually two years ago, her mother expired in an accident. Her father could not accept her mother’s death and grow negative towards life. He was stricter, emotionless and passive. He did not his daughter to get in bad company as her mother was no more to look after her. She also got poor in studies and scored fewer marks and sometimes even failed in one or two of her subjects. Two months before boards, her father made it very clear that she must score full marks in order to get into the best college in the city. But when her result came her score was 92.5% which was not enough to get her a seat in the best college in the city. She was scared that her father would be disappointed. Thus, she feared to reveal her marks to her dad. He, however, jumped with excitement as his daughter had worked hard and scored in ninety’s. A chill ran down her spine and suddenly all the fear disappeared. Now she could enjoy her result.

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