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Write any five arguments in favour of democracy?

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Democracy is a political structure in which people directly exercise power, or elect members from among themselves to represent the people, such as a parliament. It is also called the majority rule and here can’t inherit the power. People are choosing their representatives. Representatives participate in an election and the voters elect their members.

Arguments in favour of democracy

Five arguments in favour of democracy are,

1) More Accountability from Democratic Government

  • A non-democratic government need not necessarily try to solve and respond to the needs of the people, the response of a non-democratic government depends on the wishes of the rulers.
  • In a democracy the Government has to respond to the needs of the people, they are accountable to the people of the country.

2) Improved Decision-Making Qualities

  • Decisions taken in a democracy are based on discussions and consultations held with various stakeholders.
  • On the flip side, it may take more time, but the big advantage is that when multiple people are involved in decision making, the possibilities of making impulsive, rash decisions, irresponsible and wrong decisions will be avoided.

3) Democracy provides a method to deal with differences and conflicts.

  • There will be differences of opinions and conflicts in any society.
  • This is prevalent in a country like India which has immense social diversity.
  • In India, people have varied and diverse preferences since people belong to different regions, religions, castes, speak different languages and have diverse cultural practices. Hence differences of opinion are bound to rise.
  • In Democracy no one is a permanent loser and no one is a permanent winner, hence in a diverse country like India whenever conflicts arise, democracy is the only option that provides a peaceful solution.

4) Democracy enhances the dignity of citizens

  • The principle of political equality is the foundation of democracy.
  • In a democracy educated and uneducated will be given the same status.
  • In a democracy, the poor and rich will be accorded the same status.
  • In a democracy, there is no scope for dictatorship.

5) Democracy is better than other forms of government because it allows us to correct its own mistakes.

  • There is no guarantee that Governments will not make mistakes.
  • There is no guarantee that mistakes will not happen in a democracy.
  • On the positive side, mistakes done cannot be hidden for long in a democracy, democracy gives space for civilized public discussions and debates on the mistakes. Democracy gives room for rectifying errors or mistakes.
  • In a democracy, if there is a mistake, the Government has to change its wrong decisions or people have the right to change the Government through elections.
  • The above process does not exist in non-democratic governments.

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