A basket of vegetables contains carrot, potato, radish and tomato. Which of them represent the correct homologous structures? (a) Carrot and potato (b) Carrot and tomato (c) Radish and carrot (d) Radish and potato

c) Radish and carrot


Homologous structures are those that are related to common ancestry. Such structures have a common structural plan and are adapted to suit different functional roles. Of the given options, potato is a storage stem, tomato is a fruit (in fact, it is a berry), radish and carrots are roots. Since both radish and carrots are roots, they have similar structural plans and are homologous.

Radish and carrot : Carrot and radish are homologous structures because they are modifications of root for food storage. They contain different sets of nutrients and have different functions.

Radish and potato : Radish are modification of roots while potato is modification of stem so they are not homologous but they both store food so serve as analogous organs.

Carrot and tomato : Tomato is not a kind of modification and is not underground.

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