A child is standing in front of a magic mirror. She finds the image of her head bigger, the middle portion of her body of the same size and that of the legs smaller. The following is the order of combinations for the magic mirror from the top. (a) Plane, convex and concave (b) Convex, concave and plane (c) Concave, plane and convex (d) Convex, plane and concave

Answer: (c) Concave, plane and convex

  • Because the head is larger, the mirror must be concave. Here, a concave mirror creates an enlarged and erect mirror.
  • Because the middle region of the mirror remains unchanged, it must be a plane mirror.
  • The legs appear smaller on the bottom half of the mirror. Because the picture is created by a convex mirror, it is smaller. The erect and diminished image was created by the convex mirror.

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