A flag mounted on a flag post near the sea coast flutters in the direction of sea. At what time of the day does this happen – at midnight or in the afternoon?

In this scenario, the flag will flutter in the direction of sea when it is midnight because at nighttime the sea becomes hotter than land and the air above sea traps heat and rises up due to which pressure difference is created and the cool air above land reaches the sea in order to maintain balance , so the flag will flutter in the direction of sea at midnight time and these phenomena is also called land breeze.

  •  A land breeze is a local breeze that is characterised by the flow of breeze from land to water during the late night.
  • The land breeze is shallower than the sea breeze.
  • As the heat capacity of the land is different from the sea it cools down quicker.
  • Thus, a low-pressure situation develops over the sea as the temperature above it is higher when compared to the land.

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