A large proportion of children in a population is a result of (a) high birth rates (b) high life expectancies (c) high death rates (d) more married couples

Answer: The correct answer is option (A) – High Birth rates

  • Number of live births per thousand persons in a year is known as the birth rate.
  • In India, the death rate was always lower than the birth rate, hence birth rate is one of the major components of population growth rate in India.
  • Post 1981, it was observed that there was a decline in the rate of population growth.
  • There was a sharp decline in birth rates, post 1981.
  • This was due to improved education of women in India, the quality of life improved, and there was an increase in the mean age of marriage.
  • The growth rate is still high in India.
  • There was a population explosion in India during the period of 1951 to 1981.
  • It was caused by the high fertility rate in India in addition to the rapid fall in mortality rate.
  • In India, the period of steady population growth refers to the time period from 1921 to 1951. This was due to lower mortality rate and improvements made in the sanitation and health sector.

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