A ____ lens is used to correct myopia and a ____ lens is used to correct hypermetropia. (1) Concave, concave (2) Convex, convex (3) Convex, concave (4) Concave, convex

Answer: (4)

Myopia or Nearsightedness occurs when the eye loses its ability to focus on far-off objects as the lenses do not possess a long focal length.

Symptoms of Myopia

  • One of the common symptoms of Short-sightedness or Myopia is squinting and frowning.
  • Short-sighted people may suffer from tired eyes and severe headache by overstraining their eyes.
  • One of the simplest symptoms is facing difficulty in reading alphabets or letters from a specific distance.

Myopia can be The right concave lens is positioned in front of the myopic eye, the vision is transferred back to the retina and the vision is clarified.

People with hyperopia or hypermetropia are said to have farsightedness or longsightedness. What happens here is that light rays do not focus on the surface of the retina but behind it. The picture is moved forward by positioning a convex lens in front of a hypermetropic eye and is correctly centred on the retina.

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