A light and a heavy object have the same momentum. Find out the ratio of their kinetic energies. Which one has a larger kinetic energy?


Let m be the mass and v is the velocity of the light object.

M be the mass and V is the velocity of the heavy object.

Since both have the same momentum

mv = MV

The kinetic energy of light object be

(K.E)l = 1/2 mv2

The kinetic energy of heavy object be

(K.E)h = 1/2 MV2

(K.E)l /(K.E)h = M/m

Since m <M

∴ (K.E)l > (K.E)h

The kinetic energy of two objects will be the same if their mass and momentum are the same. Among light and heavy bodies, the Heavy body has the highest momentum. When the momentum is equal light body has more kinetic energy.

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