b) Xylem parenchyma

Xylem parenchyma is an element of complex tissue called “Xylem”. Parenchyma cells of the xylem are mainly involved in the storage of carbohydrates, fats and water conduction.

  • Only living cells of xylem
  • The cell wall is cellulosic and thin
  • They have a prominent nucleus and protoplast
  • Cells are colourless and have large vacuoles
  • Living parenchyma cells are found in both primary and secondary xylem
  • Fat and storage protein contents of parenchyma cells vary seasonally
  • Crystal containing parenchyma cells have lignified walls with secondary thickening may be subdivided by septa

There are two major types of parenchyma cells in the secondary xylem

  • Axial parenchyma cells arranged around the axis
  • Radial parenchyma cells arranged like a ray, radiating out of the common centre

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