A person has a hearing range from 20 Hz to 20 kHz. What are the typical wavelengths of sound waves in air corresponding to these two frequencies? Take the speed of sound in air as 344 m/s.


For a sound wave,

Speed = Wavelength x Frequency

ν = λ x f

Given that the speed of sound in air = 344 m/s

(i) For, f = 20 Hz

λ1= v/f

λ= 344/20

λ= 17.2 m

(ii) For, f= 20000 Hz

λ2= v/f

λ2= 344/20000

λ2= 0.172 m

Hence, for humans, the wavelength range for hearing is 0.0172 m to 17.2 m.

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