A person met with an accident in which two long bones of hand were dislocated. Which among the following may be the possible reason? (a) Tendon break (b) Break of skeletal muscle (c) Ligament break (d) Areolar tissue break

(c) Ligament break

The two long bones in hand are the radius and the ulna. Annular ligament or orbicular ligament is a strong band of fibres present on the head of the radius that retains it in contact with the radial notch of the ulna. The person must have broken the ligament which dislocated these long bones leading to fracture. In case of a tendon, tendons join skeletal muscles to bone and tendon break causes inflammation. Break of skeletal muscles cannot be responsible for dislocation of bones as bones are joined by ligaments. Areolar tissues are found around muscles, nerves and blood vessels so they are not concerned with bones anyhow.

Functions of Ligaments:

  • Helps to hold structures together
  • Maintains stability in the body
  • Connects the end of the bones at joints

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