A pump is used to lift 500 kg of water from a depth of 80 m in 10 s. Calculate the power rating of the pump if its efficiency is 40% (A) 100k W (B) 40k W (C) 16k W (D) None of the above

Force = m x g

F = 500 x 10 = 5000 N

Work = F x s

W = 5000 x 80

We get,

W = 4 x 105 Joule

Power = Work/Time

On substituting, we get,

Power = 4 x 105/10

Power = 4 x 104

Power = 40 kW

We know that,

Power rating = Useful power/efficiency

Power rating = 40k/0.4

We get,

Power rating = 100k W

Therefore, the power rating of the pump is 100k W if its efficiency is 40%

So, the correct option is (A)

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