A sample of soil is mixed with water and allowed to settle. The clear supernatant solution turns the pH paper yellowish-orange. Which of the following would change the colour of this pH paper to greenish-blue? (a) Lemon juice (b) Vinegar (c) Common salt (d) An antacid

Answer:(d) An antacid

Sample solution turn pH paper yellowish-orange which confirms the acidic nature of the sample. To make the colour to greenish-blue, we have to add an antacid.


The substance which is used to relieve indigestion, caused by too much HCl secretion in the stomach, it is called as Antacid.

  • Acidity in the stomach causes the sensation of heartburn, antacids are taken to relieve this sensation.
  • They are taken orally to suppress the effects of acidity. Antacids are actually alkaline ions that directly neutralize the gastric acids of the stomach.

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