A Tradesman Gives 4% Discount On The Marked Price And Gives 1 Article Free For Buying Every 15 Articles And Thus Gains 35% . The Marked Price Is Increased Above The Cost Price By (A) 20.00% (B) 39.00% (C) 40.00% (D) 50.00%

The correct answer is (D) 50.00%

Let the C.P of each article = 100 Rs.

The cost price of (15 + 1) article will be

[latex] \Rightarrow 100 * 16 = 1600 Rs [/latex]


If Tradesman earns 35% profit

Then the selling price of 15 articles will be

[latex] \Rightarrow \frac{135}{100} * 1600 = 2160 Rs [/latex]

Then the selling price of each article will be

[latex] \Rightarrow \frac{2160}{15} = 144Rs [/latex]

Let the marked price of each article be – 1Rs

Then the marked price of 15 articles be 15Rs

This price after discount of 4% will be

[latex] \Rightarrow 100 – 4 = 96 Rs. [/latex]

If the selling price is 96Rs, then the marked price = 100Rs

If the selling price is 144, then the marked price will be

[latex] \Rightarrow \frac{100}{96} * 144 [/latex] [latex] \Rightarrow 150Rs [/latex]

Therefore, the market price is 50% above the cost price

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