According to the Census, a “literate” person is one who (a) can read and write his/her name (b) can read and write any language (c) is 7 years old and can read and write any language with understanding (d) knows the 3 ‘R’s (reading, writing, arithmetic)

Answer: The correct answer is option (C) 

  • A person aged 7 years and above who can write and read with understanding in any language, is treated as literate as per Census of 2001.
  • There has been a steady rise in literacy levels in India.
  • As per Census of 2001, the literacy rate for females is 53.67 percent and 75.26 percent for males.
  • The overall literacy rate as per Census of 2001 is 64.84 percent.
  • An important quality of the population is literacy.
  • The ability to undertake research and development and intelligent choices can be made only by educated and well-informed citizens of a nation.
  • If a nation has to progress, then it is important that the country has high levels of literacy.
  • Low levels of literacy are a very big obstacle for the economic empowerment of people and thereby prevent economic development of the country.

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