According to the Constitution of India, who is the head of State Government?

Governor is the executive head of the state. He plays an important part in the state executive where he acts as the chief executive head. The governor is nominated by the Central Government for each state.

Qualifications to become a governor

The governor has to fulfil two qualifications

  • He should be an Indian Citizen
  • He should be 35 years old or more

Note: There are two conventions that the government follow before nominating a person as a Governor:

  • That person is not appointed as the governor who belongs to the state. He shall be an outsider having no relation with the state he is being appointed to
  • Consultation of the Chief Minister is taken by the President before appointing a governor

How is the Governor appointed?

  • The Indian President appoints Governor for each every state by warrant totally under his hand and seal.

  • Central Government takes the responsibility to nominate the governor for each state.

  • There is no direct or indirect election for the post of Governor just like president.

  • The office of a governor does not come under a part of the union executive and it acts as an independent constitutional office.

  • The governor does not serve the union government and neither is subordinate to it.

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