After reading power-sharing, three students drew different conclusions. Which of these do you agree with and why? Give your reasons in about 50 words. Thomman – Power sharing is necessary only in societies which have religious, linguistic or ethnic divisions. Mathayi – Power sharing is suitable only for big countries that have regional divisions. Ouseph – Every society needs some form of power sharing even if it is small or does not have social divisions.

Reason for disagreeing with the Statements of Thomman and Mathayi

  • Taking into consideration the statement of Thomman, in a society there are always diverse social groups. Some social groups will be in the majority and some in the minority. Hence to make sure that a majority does not have undue power, sharing of power is good to have a peaceful society.
  • Taking into consideration the statement of Mathayi, one can say that it is not correct. Examples are Belgium and Sri Lanka. Both are very small countries, and both the nations have diverse religious, linguistic, and ethnic groups. Belgium took measures to tackle the differences by giving equal representation in politics, equal opportunities in all fields, thereby maintaining peace in the society. Whereas, Sri Lanka took a confrontational approach without taking into consideration the sensitivities of Tamilians, thereby leading to a prolonged civil war, causing a great deal of loss to human lives and economy.

Reason for agreeing with the Statement of Ouseph

  • People have a right to be consulted on how they are to be governed.
  • A democratic rule involves sharing power people have to live with its effects and with those affected by its exercise.
  • If the power is shared, the possibility of conflict between social groups will be reduced.
  • Power sharing is a good way to ensure the stability of political order, since social conflict often leads to political instability and violence.
  • Power sharing is the very spirit of democracy. 
  • Through participation, citizens acquire a stake in the system in a legitimate government.

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