Air has maximum compressibility. Why?

Gases have the highest compressibility.

Air has more intermolecular spaces compared with water and solids as well as in the gaseous medium. Gases are highly compressible to large vacant spaces between the molecules of a gas. As a result, its intermolecular force of attraction is less, and it has more distance between the molecules. Therefore, it is simple to compress the gas. Hence, the air has maximum compressibility.

Characteristics of Gases

  • Gases have a lower density and are highly compressible as compared to solids and liquids.
  • They exert an equal amount of pressure in all directions.
  • The space between gas particles is a lot, and they have high kinetic energy.
  • The intermolecular forces between these gas particles are negligible.
  • These particles move at high speeds in all directions and hit each other, thus causing the gas to spread throughout the container they are kept in, evenly. This also causes them to exert pressure on the walls of the container.
  • So, gases take the volume and shape of the container.

Check out the video given below to know more about the characteristics of particles of matter

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