Alcohol is produced with the help of ______?


Ethanol is a plant fermentation by-product which is natural and it can also be produced through the hydration of ethylene.

  • Ethanol is in the liquid form at room temperature and it has a melting point of 156K and a boiling point of 351 K.
  • It is one of the most active elements of all alcoholic beverages.
  • As it is a very strong solvent, it is also used in producing several medications like tonics, cough syrups and also in tincture iodine.
  • Any amount of ethanol is fully water-soluble. It is deadly to consume even a small amount of pure ethanol.
  • Alcohol use for a prolonged period of time causes adverse effects.

Using a method known as fermentation, ethanol is commercially made. This is the way many other alcohols can be formed, but they are more likely to be generated through synthetic pathways – from natural gas, oil or coal. The mechanism wherein yeast decomposes sugar into carbon dioxide and alcohol is known as fermentation.

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