An electrician is carrying out some repairs in your house. He wants to replace a fuse by a piece of wire. Would you agree? Give reasons for your response.

No, the electrician should not be allowed to replace the fuse in the house with a piece of wire. This is because every wire cannot be used as a fused filament. A fused filament must have a low melting point such that it could melt and break in response to a large amount of current. Most of the wires have high melting points and hence a wire cannot be used to replace the fuse.

What is a fuse?

An electrical fuse is a circuit protection device that protects electrical circuits by breaking the connection in the event of a short circuit. Because of its high resistance and low melting, fuse wire is made of Sn (tin) and Pb (lead) alloy

  • A fuse is a piece of wire of a material with a very low melting point, that is, it melts and breaks as soon as its temperature gets higher than its melting point.
  • The material used for making fuse have low melting points, hence fuse wires are mainly made up of tin, lead or zinc.

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