According to the equation of continuity

\( A_{1}v_{1} = A_{2}v_{2}\) \( \frac{v_{1}}{v_{2}} = \frac{A_{1}}{A_{2}} \)

=\( \frac{\pi D_{2}^{2}/4}{\pi D_{1}^{2}/4} \)

=\( \left (\frac{D_{2}}{D_{1}} \right)^{2}\)

Given,diameters 2.5cm and 3.75cm D

\( D{1} = 2.5cm and D_{2} = 3.75cm\)

Now by substituting the values:

=\( \left (\frac{D_{2}}{D_{1}} \right)^{2}\)

=\( \left (\frac{3.75}{2.5}\right)^{2}\)

=\( \left (\frac{3}{2}\right)^{2}\)

=\( \frac{9}{4}\)

Therefore, the ratio of the velocities in the two pipes is 9:4

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