Aquatic used which is popularly called terror of Bengal is _____ (a) Erythroxylum (b) Eichhornia (c) Echinis (d) Echidna

Water hyacinth is referred to as Eichhornia crassipes is referred to as terror of Bengal. In common language it is termed as water hyacinth.

What is water hyacinth?

Water hyacinth is an exotic shrub that strongly competes with the native species and has also eliminated many of them. It is an aquatic plant that flourishes in the hot and humid climate.

Where is it found mainly?

It is mainly found in the parts of Bengal. Due to hot and humid climatic conditions, the water hyacinth can survive there well and destroys the neighbouring plankton and animals in water.

Why is it called terror of Bengal?

Fish is the supplement food in Bengal. People also treat fish a the symbol of worship. Fish acts as a vital ingredient in their food. Water hyacinth is powerful in utilizing and consuming aquatic nutrients and solar energy for the purpose of biomass production. This leads to a decline in a number of fishes and people face scarcity of fish. Due to this scarcity of fish in Bengal caused by water hyacinth or Eichhornia crassipes, the water hyacinth is also called Terror of Bengal.

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