As a part of the eco-club activity, students were asked to raise a kitchen garden on the school premises. They were provided with some materials given in the box. List the other materials you would require. How will you plan the garden? Write the steps.

The following items are required—seeds and seedlings of vegetable plants from nursery, kitchen waste, water.

Steps for raising the garden

  • A pit will be made to dispose the kitchen waste collected.
  • For the raising of a garden, a proper space will be identified.
  • Soil will be dug up and levelled with the help of a spade.
  • Sowing of seeds/transplanting of seedlings.
  • Select seeds/seedlings as per the season.
  • Watering regularly the plants with a can.
  • Compost will be applied to save the seed from the attack of insects
  • Weeds will be removed periodically with the help of Khurpi.

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