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calciumDeficiency of iron causes anaemia. Deficiency of Vitamin A causes night-blindness. Deficiency of sodium causes muscular cramps.
ZincCobalt: Causes pernicious anaemia Copper: Results in loss of body weight and anaemia Manganese: Causes poor bone development
EpiglottisA cartilaginous flap called epiglottis, acts as a lid over the glottis and prevents the entry of food inside the larynx.
The reaction in body occurs with the help of biocatalyst called enzymes as they provide alternative lower activation energy path and so increases
chlorineDeficiency of iron causes anaemia. Deficiency of Vitamin K causes haemorrhage. Deficiency of calcium causes rickets.
Solution: Plants with reticulate venation in their leaves are likely to have tap roots. For example, a carrot or a rose plant has leaves with

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