Boojho made an electromagnet by winding 50 turns of wire over an iron screw. Paheli also made an electromagnet by winding 100 turns over a similar iron screw. Which electromagnet will attract more pins? Give reason.


An electromagnet works on the principle of the magnetic effect of electric current. It is formed when a strong magnetic field is produced inside a solenoid to magnetise a piece of a magnetic material like soft iron. Electromagnets are made out of a coil of wire (wire curled in series). This is more effective in producing a magnetic field than just a wire running straight.

  • The magnetic effect is directly proportional to the number of wire turns on the electromagnet.
  • As a result of the greater number of turns of wire on the pahelis electromagnet, it will attract more pins. As a result, the pahelis electromagnet is the most strong electromagnet.

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