Boojho with perfect eyesight was finding it difficult to pass a thread through the eye of a needle. What can be the possible reason for this?

Boojho couldn’t pass the thread through the eye of a needle despite having the perfect eyesight because the fault was in the thread, either it was quite thick or the end of the thread was split into two. Most common reason of difficulty in passing thread to the eye of the needle is farsightedness(Farsightedness is a common visual condition in which you can see objects clearly at a distance, but nearby objects may be out of focus) but this reason is not valid there. 

  • If the thread is thicker than the size of the hole of the needle than the thread doesn’t pass through the needle. So in this case inspire of having a normal eyesight person finds it difficult to pass a thread to the eye of the needle. Splitting of thread-When the thread is split into two or more parts Boojho finds it difficult to pass the thread to the hole of the needle. 
  • We only see about one to two percent of our environment very clearly. This is the part of the image that is included in the visual opening (Latin fovea centralis) of the retina. To perform a complex action like pushing a needle, we need to perform very precise small eye movements.

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