Can paints have dispersed particles?

Yes, paint can have dispersed particles. Most paints are sols in which tiny solid particles are dispersed in a liquid medium.

What are sols?

Sol is a heterogeneous mixture in which the suspension can be seen easily. In simpler words, the liquid state of a colloid solution is called sol.

Solid sol

A Solid Sol is a colloidal solution with a Solid as the dispersed phase and a liquid as the dispersion medium.

Liquid sol

A liquid Sol has the dispersed medium and the dispersion phase in the liquid state. An Aerosol has a liquid dispersed in a Gaseous Dispersion medium.

Sols: Solid mixed with liquid; Example: Paint

Paint: The dispersed phase is Solid and the dispersion medium is Liquid. This is a kind of sol or suspension in which solid particles are suspended in the liquid medium.

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