Can you think of reasons why more complex organisms cannot give rise to new individuals through regeneration?

Regeneration happens through mitosis and a particular type of tissue can give rise to its own kind only. In complex organisms, different tissues and organs have altogether different structures. Regenerating a different kind of tissue from another kind is not possible.

Different features in complex organisms

Complex organisms have other features which do not help them to give rise to regeneration. Few reasons are listed below

  • Complex multicellular organisms cannot give rise to new organism because the tissue and specialised cell make up the organs in the body. Due to this high degree of specialisation, multicellular organisms cannot reproduce by regeneration of a part of some tissue.
  • Organisms at higher complex levels cannot give rise to new individuals through regeneration because they have organization of their organs system at different levels.
  • All these organ systems are interconnected and work in full coordination. They can regenerate a few of their lost body parts like skin, blood, muscles, etc. but can’t give rise to new individuals.

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