Catenation is self linking property of__________ (a) Oxygen (b) Helium (c) Carbon (d) Nitrogen

Catenation is self linking property of carbon.  Catenation can be defined as the self-linking of atoms of an element to form chains and rings. This definition can be extended to include the formation of layers like two-dimensional catenation and space lattices like three-dimensional catenation.

Catenation of Carbon

Carbon has a unique nature in that it is able to catenate and form millions of organic compounds. Carbon shows the property of catenation to the maximum extent.

  • Carbon may form bonds with other atoms of carbon. This carbon property is known as catenation,
  • Carbon can form a long chain due to catenation hence bonding with other carbon atoms.
  • By catenation, carbon can produce single, double and triple bonds.

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