Chinappa was convicted for torturing his wife for dowry. Satbir was held guilty of practicing untouchability. The court did not allow either of them to contest elections. Does this decision go against the principles of democratic elections?


Criminals who have caused harm to other people and have gone against the law of the land should not be given any right to contest elections. If such criminals are elected as rulers then the country cannot progress and there will be turmoil in the society. Crimes would only increase in the country.

  • As per recent directions given by the Supreme Court, a legal declaration has to be given by the candidates who want to contest elections.
  • In the declaration, the candidates should mention whether they have any serious criminal cases pending against them, they have to provide their educational qualifications, and the details of liabilities and assets have to be shared.

All these information will help the voters in choosing the candidates contesting the elections.

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