Choose The Correct One (A) Ectoderm- Liver (B) Mesoderm- Brain (C) Mesoderm- Skeleton (D) Ectoderm - Epidermis

The correct answer is (C) Mesoderm- Skeleton

The endoderm (inner layer), mesoderm (middle layer) and the ectoderm (outer layer) are the three germ layers formed in the earliest stages of embryonic development

Mesoderm forms the muscles, which are an integral part of the skeletal system.

The ectoderm forms the outer linings of the epithelium, brain, spinal cord, nerves, ears, nails and hair.

The endoderm gives rise to specific organs, including the colon, stomach, intestines, liver, lungs and pancreas.

Mesoderm gives rise to the heart, kidneys, gonads, genital ducts, cartilage, muscles, blood cells, and other structures.

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