Choose the most appropriate option. Globalisation has led to improvement in living conditions a) of all the people b) of people in developed countries c) of workers in the developing countries d) none of the above

Answer: The correct answer is option (D) – None of the above.

Fair globalisation means the benefits of globalisation are shared in a better way and there are better opportunities for all. However, globalisation has not benefited everyone. 

  • The best use of new opportunities thrown open by globalization, were done by people with better skills, wealth and education.
  • On the other hand, there are plenty of people who have not received similar benefits.
  • To have a uniform impact of globalization, the governments can play a major role.
  • At WTO, to prevent the domination of developed countries, Governments of developing countries can cooperate with each other.
  • For rules which are fair, Governments can negotiate with WTO and even use investment and trade barriers.

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