Choose the odd one from the following options : (a) A thick layer of fat under the skin (b) White fur (c) Long grasping tail (d) Wide and large feet with sharp claws

c) Long grasping tail


The long grasping tail is the adaptation found in animals of the tropical region whereas others option gives adaptations of animals of the polar region. The polar regions present an extreme climate. These regions are covered with snow and it is very cold for most part of the year. For six months the sun does not set at the poles while for the other six months the sun does not rise. In winters, the temperature can be as low as –37°C.

  • Polar bears have white fur so that they are not easily visible in the snowy white background. It protects them from their predators. It also helps them in catching their prey. To protect them from extreme cold.
  • It also has a thick skin and a lot of fat to protect it from cold. You may have seen pictures of penguins huddled together.

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