Cinnabar (HgS) is a prominent ore of mercury. How many grams of mercury are present in 225 g of pure HgS? Molar mass of Hg and S are 200.6 g mol-1 and 32 g mol-1 respectively.


Molar mass of HgS = The molar mass of Hg + the molar mass of S

The molar mass of Hg = 200.6

The molar mass of S = 32

Molar mass of HgS = 200.6 + 32

Molar mass of HgS = 232.6 g mol–1

1molecule of HgS contains 1 atom of Hg

232.6 g of HgS contains 200.6 g of Hg

Mass of Hg in 225 g of HgS

⇒ (200.6/232.6) X 225

= 194.04g

 ∴ 194.94 grams Hg in 225 grams HgS.

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