Give information about the reasons for avoiding the use of Chemical Pesticide.


We continually damage and pollute our planet as we become more modern and technological with each day. One of the most important causes for soil contamination in our nation is the use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers.

Chemical pesticides and fertilizers is also harming the healthy bacteria of artificial chemical pesticides, that imbalances the nitrogen content in the harvesting soil. That’s why we must stop using pesticides and artificial fertilizers.

What are the harmful impact of chemical pesticides?

Pesticides are toxins, and they can hurt much more than the pests they are made to kill. Pesticides are harmful, and they have been related to a variety of severe illnesses and diseases in humans, ranging from respiratory disorders to cancer.

Pesticides are consumed in a number of different forms. Exposure can occur in farming as a result of handling crops, plants, and grain storage. The existence of pesticide residues in our food puts us at danger on a regular basis.

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