Convert the improper fraction 1 7/8 to fraction

The procedure to convert the mixed fraction into an improper fraction is:
Step 1: Multiply the whole number by the denominator value
Step 2: Now, add the obtained value with the numerator value, which is the numerator value of an improper fraction
Step 3: Write down the same denominator value given in the proper fraction
Step 4: Finally, a new fraction is obtained, which is called an improper fraction.

17/8 as improper fraction

Given Mixed fraction is 1 7/8

Step 1: Multiply 1 by 8: 8 × 1 = 8

Step 2: Add 8 with 7: 8+7 = 15 (New numerator value).

Hence, the improper fraction is 15/4.


1 7 /8 as fraction is 15/4

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