Define the word processor? What are the advantages of using a word processor?


A Software or a computer that enables users to build, edit, and print documents is a word processor. It helps users to write text, save it electronically, show it on a computer, edit it by entering keyboard commands and characters, and print it out.

Word processing is the most popular of all computer applications. Most word processors are currently supplied either as a cloud service or as applications that can be installed on a PC or mobile device by users.

Advantages of word processor

  • People can type words faster than writing in a pen. It means they take less time to create a text while typing.
  • Word processors have fonts that make the text clear or easy to read, compared to distinct handwriting.
  • Through synchronization, a text can be generated by people in two separate locations. It means that both can edit quite simultaneously.
  • Text processors have automated spell testing features that assist in eliminating errors. In some cases, they also enable grammar correction.

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